Product Detail

Sliding doors are popular products and used quite popularly in Vietnam. This type of door open by the rails includes 2 types of rails and 3 rails with 2 wings, 3 wings and 4 wings. Products are usually used for high-rise buildings, villas, high-grade apartment buildings, office buildings, etc

Turnstile doors are traditional open doors commonly used in construction works from villas to high-end apartment buildings. The door opens with wings fixed in one side to the frame by the hinges, when opening, users will turn the hinges to an open angle for the door frame.

* Design of rotating open door:

- Glass: single glass, safety glass, box glass, reflective glass, etc.

- Profile bar (door frame, wing frame).

- Double rubber gasket to ensure tightness.

- Hardware: multi-point, 3D hinges (adjustable in 3 dimensions), handle, lock.


* Features of open rotary door:

- Sound, heat insulation: aluminum profile is empty, box glass is injected with inert gas, combined with sealed gaskets to ensure door soundproof and good insulation.

- The system of metal accessories has many locking points, door trim is designed inside, the others can use safety glass or between two layers of glass it can be reinforced with metal bars decorated to protect against intrusion into the home.

- Use multi-point handles.

- The profile bar is manufactured with the characteristic of igniting non-flammable and at the same time with the advantage of harsh weather conditions, making the door durable with time.


* Classification of rotary open door:

- Classification by open type: The door opens inward; the door turns open.

- Sort by number of wings: 2-wing doors and 4-wing doors.

* Advantages:

- Diversity of colors: with many designs and sizes, scientific design and convenience in construction, to meet all needs of customers, suitable for many different types of architecture.

- Doors are durable, do not deform and change color, always keep the original beauty with no maintenance costs.

- Easy to install, easy to clean and maintain.

- Easy to use: The door is designed to open and close gently, to be convenient, with a bar to prevent damage to the wall.

- High security: Ensure maximum safety for customers.


* Application:

Due to the flexible application on the open rotary door as commonly used for all construction works, etc.