Humans are fundamental to development and sustainability. Therefore, we are always interested in building a team of managers and professional staff to develop the company to be much stronger.


1. Working environment

- The company pays much attention to the working conditions of employees: arranging fresh, clean, comfortable working place; supplying adequate machinery, equipment and working facilities; uniforms for employees as well as adequate personal protective equipment for employees working in construction sites.

- Dynamic, professional working environment, which always creates favorable conditions for each staff to have the opportunity to self-assert and promote all of their capacity. In the work they are always supported by their supervisors and coordinated by their colleagues and related departments in the spirit for the development of the company.


2. Labor policies

- The company has a working regime of 48 hours per week.

- Regimes on holidays leave and other holidays are subject to the Labor Code.

- Wearing uniform according to regulations and seriously following disciplines of the company.

- Participating in social insurance for employees according to current regulations. In addition to compulsory insurance, the company will consider buying additional types of insurance: accident insurance, human insurance.

- The company pays all allowances, working allowances to create good conditions for employees to complete their duties.

- Participating in tourism for staffs to recreate labor force, create solidarity among staffs of the company.

- Joining other extracurricular activities such as: soccer, travel, teambuilding, birthday, etc.

- Taking care of material life for employees: Organizing meetings to give gifts to employees on the occasion of traditional Lunar New Year; gifts for children of employees on International Children's Day (1/6); Mid-Autumn Day.


3. Salary

- Policy salary based on the work assigned and efficiency of tasks done.

- Periodically, the company will consider the performance of the employees as a basis for salary increase through the evaluation of the direct management.

- In addition to salary, the company also considers reward appropriately to motivate staff's morale: reward for holidays, Tet, and reward for performance.


4. Training

The company develops training plans in line with the company's development strategy. Integration training: New staff will be included in the integration training program, helping them to understand the history of CPM's formation and development, understanding working rules, procedures, disciplines and environment, culture of the company to quickly integrate into the work and colleagues.

Training for managers: For potential employees, they will be nominated as Resource Officers. They will be trained in leadership skills, management skills, planning skills, organizing skills and other skills.

Internal training: Regularly organize internal training, inviting specialists to teach specialized knowledge to staff. Pay much attention to actual internal training, give superior training for subordinates, high-level training for lower level in order to further improve and raise the professional level.

Soft skills training: Focus on training soft skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, etc. to help employees become more confident and successful in their work.