With the plan, strategic orientation development of the company in the period (2017 - 2022). CPM has become one of the leading professional aluminum glass contractors in Vietnam.

To build the society with modern technology, meet the standards of progress, quality and aesthetic.

CPM creates a happ    y environment with meaningful values ​​both physically and mentally, ensuring each member of the company is always working with high dedication

” : Culture 
” : Person

M ” : Method 



Our culture is built on the foundation of prosperity and durability. That value is always unchanging, always accompanied by the development and success. At CPM, we create a professional, comfortable working environment, people work with the spirit of being self-conscious and sense of responsibility, creative freedom, dare to think.


Human being is always valued as the most valuable human resource. Therefore, the company always creates conditions for each individual to maximize one’s potential by encouraging the exploration, learning and trust delivery. Taking higher responsibility, in accordance with the ability and experience that each individual can take charge.


We always pay attention to improve and innovate in working methods to improve efficiency, quality and progress of work