Product Detail

Sliding doors are popular products and used quite popularly in Vietnam. This type of door open by the rails includes 2 types of rails and 3 rails with 2 wings, 3 wings and 4 wings. Products are usually used for high-rise buildings, villas, high-grade apartment buildings, office buildings, etc

Automatic door is the device used to close/open automatically. At present, in office buildings, hotels, shops and supermarkets, there are thousands of people moving around. Therefore, automatic glass doors in and out is a useful solution to help users to be more convenient to move, save time and effort when not using handle as the traditional door. Moreover, automatic glass doors also bring modernity, elegance.

* Basic structure of automatic doors:

- The controller is the control center of the whole system.

- The magic eye allows the door to have long range, sensitivity and continuity.

- The large torque motor unit plus specially designed jaw system help the door operate smoothly without vibration.

- The RAIL BASE is made of high strength aluminum alloy to make the door frame strong and special without wear during use.

* Characteristics:

- Quiet closing and opening: Automatic system with integrated springs, controlling the door to be closed and open smoothly.

- Being flexible and elegant: The automatic system can be installed on the support directly into the gate structure. The automatic device is integrated in an aluminum box with innovative design that can easily fit the sensor inside.

- Being safe and intelligent: The microprocessor controls all door operations in real time and the encoder detects the corner position. When obstacles are encountered, the door immediately reverses, and then closes at a slow speed to determine if the obstructions have moved.

* Classification:

- Automatic horizontal sliding door.

- Automatic rotation door

- Automatic round sliding door

- Automatic sliding door


* Advantages:

- Elegant design, rich design and high aesthetic.

- Handy: When the power outage will automatically stop and can be opened by hand lightly. The unit automatically returns to the power supply.

- High security: On the closed route, if the door collides with the person or obstacle, the door will automatically reverse and open immediately. This ensures safety for passers as well as avoids damage and prolongs the life of the door.


* Application:

Automatic doors with good quality, high durability, variety of designs meet the requirements of installation space as well as different environmental temperature, etc. It is often applied in: yard airport, railway station, hospital, office, supermarket, bookstore, shop, garage, villa, etc.