In order to meet the business plan and strategy of 2017-2020, CPM is always looking for potential candidates, who are full of energy and desire to conquer all challenges.

Working at CPM:

- All members work in the spirit of cooperation and mutual support towards the same direction to build a strong and unified CPM family.

- A professional, open, friendly working environment which creates the best conditions for each individual to assert and promote his/her capability.

- Have training and development plan in accordance with the aspirations, experience, skills of each member as well as the general development direction of the company.

- Have a policy of treatment worthy of the contributions of the members; promote fairness, transparency and encourage creation and innovation.

- In addition to professional development, CPM always pays close attention to the material and spiritual life of the staff. The team of enthusiastic, passionate and understandable managers always listens and brings CPM to become a 'happy environment', helping each member to always work and dedicate themselves.


- Fully entitled to salary according to the agreement + KPI reward + Periodic reward + 13th salary month

- Fully entitled to insurance regimes (social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance) according to the current law provisions.

- Fully involved in activities, programs: travel/vacation, teambuilding, soccer, birthday, etc.

- Fully entitled to bonus on holidays: Tet, Lunar New Year, 8/3, 30/4 - 01/5, 2/9, 20/10, Children's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival for children of employees according to the regulations of the company

- Have the opportunity to advance and develop career.


Application form

Curriculum vitae certified by the local authority or agency (validated within 6 months)

Copy of birth certificate.

Recruitment application.

Copy of ID card.

Health certificate.

Relevant degrees/certificates.

4x6 photos


Sent to email address:

Direct submission: 8B Office, 8th Floor, Song Da Ha Dong Building, Km10 Tran Phu Street, Van Quan Ward, Ha Dong Dist. Hanoi.

Telephone: 024 3354 3354 - Fax: 024 3312 0615