On 20/10/2017, the Trade Union of Hanoi CPM Construction Corporation held the first Trade Union Congress at the root level, for the term of 2017 - 2022 at the office of the company. The Congress has set the course of action and elected the Executive Committee of the Trade union for the term of 2017-2022.

CPM - Đại Hội Công Đoàn Cơ sở

Attending the Congress, the CPM Trade Union was great to welcome Mr. Dao Quang Huy - Vice Chairman of Labor Confederation of Ha Dong District, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhung - Member of the Standing Committee of Labor Confederation of Ha Dong District. There were also the board of directors of the company and nearly 50 trade unions members representing more than 200 employees of departments in the company.

CPM- Đại Hội Công Đoàn Cơ sở

Over the past time, besides caring for health, material and spiritual life for workers in the whole company, CPM Trade Union has made many achievements in activities such as: employees are always enthusiastic in responding to the emulation movements launched by the Trade Union of the district and the city, affirming the efforts of the collective, the close cooperation between the Party, government and organizations to create strength, unified unity in the whole company.

In order to follow these movements, the Executive Board of the Trade Union has set out the objectives, tasks and directions for the 2017-2022 period with the objective of: Continuing to positively take care of material and spiritual life for all employees of the whole corporation, grasping employees’ needs and expectations, paying attention to the implementation of regimes and policies for laborers, raising the material and spiritual life of trade union members; Coordinating with the administrations and mass organizations in fostering officials and employees with professional skills in political theory and high responsibility in management in order to meet the increasing requirements of the modern society.

CPM - Đại Hội Công Đoàn Cơ sở

After a period of serious and urgent work, the Congress elected the new Executive Board.

CPM - Đại Hội Công Đoàn Cơ sở

The CPM Trade Union Congress of 2017-2022 took place successfully, opening a new term with new goals and challenges. With the close attention of the Party Committee, the leaders of the unit together with the support and companionship of the Trade Union of the District band the City, with the determination to maintain and promote the achievements, in 2017-2022, CPM Trade Union expressed the determination to strive for many achievements, contributing to building the unit to be much stronger.